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"Idole du futur" 50 x 32 cm


Myriam et Joseph Angilella have been working as sculptors for over 20 years, as well as ceramists, painters and glass artists. After a University degree, a strong knowledge in History of Art, craft and chemistry lead them to deepen their knowledge in the world of sculptors and ceramists.

After a period of sculpturing with sandstone smoked with wood fire where cathedrals, (immaterial shapes, sites of the future, stelas) seem to loom up from another space, another time...
The sculptor freed himself from the constraint of the material, adjusts some geometrical shapes to create totems or mysterious and magical caracters with strong symbolical undertones.
Sculpting brings them a wide range of possible escapeand the materialisation of their secret dreams.
Lately, they have been creating colourful sculptings in bright shades.
From a limestone rock found while they were looking for fossils, dreams for new researches began to make their way through the artist's mind, who become in total symbiosys with the reshaped stone and with nature.
Those are sculpting-characters in ceramics where one could see the shades, the print of these rocks, from which a duality emarges between the mineral world (the stratified stone and its history) and the living world. The bright colours create a link between the mineral and the human kingdom.
Therefore the mineral comes to life and takes us back to the genesis of the world. The artist as a creator reshapes the universe.
In more expressionists works, the artist expresses his deepest urge, throught the gesture, working without any instrument but his own hands. He presses the earth between his fingers, twist it. Shouts, movements and dynamism comes out. It is during this direct contact with his fingers that he impregnates his sculpting with his impulses and his passions.

The primary colours : red, yellow, blue and black, are there to strengthen, the dynamism, the movement and the expression of passion.


Some of their creations :


"Personnage-Pierre". 32 x 17 cm


"Le cri". 32 x 42


"Couple". 87 x 22 cm




"Personnage". 32x 18 cm


"Cathédrale". 50 x 40 cm

Grès enfumé, cuisson au feu de bois.


"Idole du futur" Technique : grès enfumé

50 x 32 cm


Others creations in :

Ceramics -Molten Glass -Paintings

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