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Matière en Fusion

40 cm

Myriam and Joseph Angilella have been working as ceramists for over 20 years, as sculptor, painter and glass artist. After a university degree, a strong knowledge in History of Art, craft and chemistry lead them to deepen their knowledge in the world of ceramics.

They have created vases in china and in stoneware with pure and elegant shapes, and with their son Denis, they decorated them with enamel (mixed with ashes of lavenders from Provence),
molten glass with rich colours. Their enamel (called the « bleu de Nimes »= the blue of Nimes) suggests the landscapes ofthe South of France.
During the fring in the kiln at 1300°C, the fire reveals crystals and images of atoms which play with the light on a rich matter, sometimes opaque and moving like lava in fusion or as transparent as the deep water of the lagoons.
The dishes, true paintings, conjure up the matter in fusion, the water, the cosmos the genesis.
This quest for origins, their research, the meaning given to each colour as the blue that symbolises spirituality, the meaning given to matter (the crystals and nucleations) corresponds to a spiritual quest.
These ceramics works could not be separated fom their works in sculpting, painting and glassmakinq.

Some of their creation :

Egg. Stoneware vase with cristallin enamel with coulures ascendantes. 20 x 16 cm


Vase grès, email cristallin et cendres végétales. 24 x 24 cm


Vase en grès, email dit "fourrure" a base de cendres de lavande. 30 x 15 cm


Pièce en porcelaine, émail beu de Nimes avec cendres de lavandes.


Premier etre. Plat avec cristallisations et nucléations. 40 cm


Genèse. Plat avec cristallisations et nucléations. 40 cm


Vase classique sur pied. 24 x 20 cm


Cathédrale. Grès enfumé, cuisson au feu de bois. 40 x 50 cm


Others creations : Sculptures - Molten Glass - Paintings

Photos of Auquier's exposition


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