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You directly can address the Galerie L'Arche where works are visible permanently either see the CATALOG OF ITEMS FOR SALE

The other pictures and the others artists' work than those presented on this site are available in the sale, for more information to contact us.

WE send Word wide.

For complete the sale its possible you pay :


---- PayPal or cash card .



--- In order of payment by PayPal or cash card that we send you by Email after that you contacted us by Email. Indicate the title or the number of the work (photo, painting, sculpture, book.. ) as well as your name and delivery address

---- Buyer pay shipping.

---- Swift payment is so easy, because American Express pay the Gallery 3 or 4 weeks ago, is so long, SWIFT payment is simple, easy, you go to your bank with the N° , 48 hours ago is allready, 3 or 4 days ago your painting is in USA or any part in world.

SWIFT payment: bank to bank, bank of Galerie l’Arche.

RIB de la Galerie.

Crédit agricole Nord Midi-Pyrennes. Mr ou Mme Joseph Angilella 16 place du Marché 12130 St Geniez d'Olt.

Banque11206. Guichet 00027. N° de compte 95957951092. Clé RIB 75

For Stanger IBAN FR76 1120 6000 2795 9579 5109 275

---- With the American Express-card : Please send me a photo copy of your card American Express, with N°; expiration :? (date), and your signature also to. When you pay with American Express card send me your personnal adress, the same as the card, it’s necessary for avoid fraud, it’s possible to ship the painting or item to another adress, it's independant of the payment, after you must téléphone to American Express to confirm the charge(obligatory).

---- you can pay with personnal cheque.To order of Galerie l'Arche 16 place du Marché 123130 St Geniez d'Olt.

---- French buyer can pay "contre remboursement".

---- The shipping is make by D.H.L international transport, very serious and quick compagny the cost shipping is different for distances, a set price for all countries in USA , more little for the city of New York. We send word wide with insurance.Contact us for the cost of shipping. If you don't live in USA the shipping is more or less high. For the shipping send me your address and your phone N°, and your é-mail.

---- When i receive the payment or the N° of autorisation of Américan Express, I send you the painting,or item with a invoice and certificat of authenticity by the expert of the gallery. Numerous clients we have make confidence 20 years ago.

---- Contact us for more information.Email *



The images on this web page are available as collector quality prints. Each
image is printed to archival standards on photo paper and individually signed. I hand print all of the photographs personally to ensure best possible image quality.

Print size is 12 x 16 inches (30 x 40 cm). PRICE 110 $
or ( 21 x 30 cm ). PRICE 80 $

Each image is signed in front in open series.

Indicate by Email the title or the number of the work (photo, painting, sculpture, book.. ) as well as your name and delivery address. I send you by Email an order of payment by PayPal or cash card.



16 place du Marché 12130 St Geniez d'Olt

(+33) 05 65 69 73 06

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