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Ces photos et poèmes sont la somme de vingt cinq ans de création dans le domaine de l’Art,
la sculpture, la peinture, le travail du verre, la photographie.

Apres voyage avec un ane a travers les Cevennes de Robert Louis Stevenson qui voyagea en pensee avec sa fiancee

perdue Fanny qu'il esperait reconquerir ,voici un voyage poetique en image.

Ces photos et oeuvres sont des hommages à des peintres et artistes que j’aime, tels Gauguin,



 Gustave Moreau Peinture de Gustave Moreau Salome brandissant la Tete de St Jean Baptiste,

Botticelli, Dante, et tant d’autres... Mais aussi un hommage à la femme. Je remercie les femmes et modèles qui ont participé et participent encore à cette oeuvre; leur aide, leur initiative et leur confiance, sont un soutien précieux et stimulant.

Je dédie cette oeuvre à mon épouse, Myriam, et à mes enfants, Denis et Emilie-Marie. Elle n’aurait
point été possible sans le long soutien de ma muse et modèle Myriam, durant toutes ces années. Son
aide spirituelle et matérielle, sa confiance sont inestimables, et je l’en remercie encore.
Pour ceux qui y verraient un quelconque travers je répondrai par la phrase du célèbre photographe
d’Arles, Lucien Clergue, répondant à un étudiant américain qui lui reprochait de ne photographier
que des femmes et des nus: “Quand on a les yeux sales, on voit tout sale.”
La femme n’est-elle pas la beauté, la vie ?





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When one arrives in front of these works one feels an impression of chapel, place of worship. It has highly-rated one holiday, one remembers oriental tales, it hen one enters the arched room, in the heart of the Galerie L'ARCHE one is struck by the atmosphere which gets free of the installation of the works of the painterJoseph AUQUIER Angilella. It is the stage setting which regroups paintings , sculptures, glass works, in a space by creating an atmosphere, a mysterious atmosphere, which existed in the works of the painter AUQUIER but which did not appear with so much force.

After traveling to Pompéi, Rome, Sicily, painter returned disturbed by the wealth and the abundance of decorations Romans and Bysantins. To Pompéi, walls are covered with frescoes, the grounds of mosaics, ceilings are decorated with mouldings , worked: everything is decoration.

The Roman used trunk the eye, the perspective,but also the creation of space through decorations. In Rome and in SICILY, the Byzantine basilicas give the same impression of profusion of decorations, marble, mosaics, frescoes.

The artist wanted to give this dimension has his work.This installation gives an impression of wealth, one discovers to it a dimension which opens the way to the spiritualité and to the mystery. Often the painting of the painter AUQUIER were consisted of various parts, the painting is in the painting, current presentation came in a natural way.

When we arrive before this works we feel one impression of chapel,of place of adoration.It is the feast, we remember oriental story, we are out of one's element in total disorientation

Paintings are able the ground, as pavements of mosaic. Glance is not any more the same, one does not see any more the painting of face, it is necessary to tilt the head downward, it is another step, another concept, another dimension. One has another approach of the work has the feet, one dives into the work.

One is very far from the traditional exposition. One feels the same sensation as in front of a accumulation, an accumulation of ex-voto, one feels a mystic spirit.

The public reacts very well in front of this new conception of the exposition. Someone want to walk barefoot in the work of the artist, it is then, a work in three dimensions. The others would like seeing it in halls, and integrer works in an architectural project, in a castle, so that there is more retreat, more dimension, they would like listening, composing a music... One would like seeing walking there persons, nymphs,priestess, one feels there a magic spirit.

Bit by bit the idea to prolong this exhibition came, the photo and the video have be used. All understood that it was a new concepts: one enters the world of the artist, it is the honor that to be invited there.

Myriam Angilella-Scot


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AUQUIER explore the dark worlds to go to the light: he gets cosmic and telluric forces in search of the paradise lost by Adam and Ève. In front of tragic of the Man who would like to reconcile, the body, the enjoyment and the spirit, in front of the human bestiality and his oppressive mortality, the painter throws a glance on the unlimited desire.

The sexual magic of the quite powerful woman, envoûte and haunts the solitary man. He paints bodies ectoplasmique, spectres to mean us that the man holds only by its spirit and is anima the feminine part who is in him.

He exorcises its drives and the unlimited desire, plunges him into the interrogation and the metaphysical anxiety.

Then in an initiatory rite, he is reborn of the ashes and, such an angel of light, in a dance with the sun and the moon, with the nymphs and the beings of light, the priestess in adoration come to populate a world where the encens, the mysterious and magic songs take us of the other one coast of the mirror towards a bewitching world .

In a sacrilegious rite he make, in the sanctuary of the sacred love, a cult to the Feminity ,at the idol woman , at the cosmic union of the man and the Goddess.

Find the true women, the Goddess is a grace.

The Feminity and its values are sacred.




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